Our Brands

  • The Welsh Menu
  • The Welsh Wardrobe
  • IWDSwansea

The Welsh Menu is a unique brand created by Figleaf Media Ltd specifically developed to provide innovative opportunities for Business to Business, Business to Consumer and Educational engagement with the Welsh Food and Drink Industry.

The ethos of the The Welsh Menu brand is to widen access to and knowledge of the Welsh Food and Drink Industry, not just in Wales but across the UK and beyond.

Our inaugural food festival, The Welsh Menu Live in Swansea took place in Swansea City Centre over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Find out more about The Welsh Menu, and subscribe to our online magazine at www.thewelshmenu.com

The Welsh Wardrobe brand will offer a platform to promote the Welsh Fashion, Textile and accessories industry.

Brand development is progressing well, and we launch the website later this year, and have exciting plans for live events in 2014.

We are delighted to celebrate the global annual International Women’s Day with a twist on the conventional celebrations with IWDSwansea. Our Sporting Celebration in Swansea is set to become an annual event promoting the diverse range of sports, health and fitness opportunities accessible to women.

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